Economic Impact Of Pandemic Sees Long Food Queues In New York

More people are lining up for free food in NYC as unemployment and insufficient funds lead to difficulties in sustenance for families

Raghav N

September 14, 2020

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As the Coronavirus continues to create panic, it is leading to a startling impact on the economies of the world. Talking about New York City (NYC) in the United States, a local charity group confirmed that they are witnessing longer lines of people for picking up free food.

Janis Robinson, Vice President for Food Bank at NYC said that she sees this as a long-lasting impact of the pandemic. She also added that children who ate from the school are now at home, hence increasing the expenses for their families. Many waiting in the queues shared that they were either fired due to the lockdown or the money they earned was not enough to sustain their families.

Meanwhile, the White House and the Congress have still not agreed on a second aid package. The last scheme that gave 600 dollars a week in supplemental and employment payment, expired in July. The US Senate stroke off a 300 billion-dollar COVID19 aid program on Thursday as the Republicans and the Democrats conflicted on the size and scope of the aid.

The city has already recorded more than 2.4 lakh infections and almost 24000 deaths. With the raging unemployment and lack of funds for numerous families, the food bank scheme is the only way for them to make their ends meet.

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