Drama Juniors Season 5 Promo: Young Talent Makes Director Harish Shankar Whistle

The popular acting show for our young talent, Drama Juniors, is coming back with its fifth season. Read on to know more

Sneha Bale

March 17, 2020


3 min


Kids are often called as young guns because they can truly change the game. Bringing together the most talented children under the same roof, Drama Juniors returns with its fifth season. In the past, the show has achieved fame solely because of its participants who have entertained and amazed us in equal measure. It’s all about the three Es – Emotion, Expression, and Entertainment. And this time, the tagline is Top lechhi poddi. Let’s see what the fifth season has in store for us.

Watch the promo here:

In the minute-long promo, we see the return of director Harish Shankar of Valmiki fame. He ends up going to the vanity van with utmost sincerity to make sure that the star feels comfortable. Finally, they start rolling the shot and it turns out to be perfect at the first take. The performance is so good that the director whistles to appreciate the actor. But, who is the actor? Well, it’s yet another kid on the block who has the potential to make it big.

A still from Drama Juniors Season 5 Promo
A still from Drama Juniors Season 5 Promo

When the reality sets in, it turns out that the kid was dreaming all along. But hey, Drama Juniors is the platform where dreams can come true. This time, there will be 20 strong contenders who will perform two skits each episode. With four judges taking over the panel, these actors will be put through three levels of competition. Sadly, we will have to bid goodbye to one of them after each level. But that is also how we will get the best of the lot.

Drama Juniors Season 5 Promo Judges Panel
Drama Juniors Season 5 Promo Judges Panel

The show will be judged by ace comedian Ali, TV’s diva Anasuya Bharadwaj and actor-director Renu Desai. There is a good chance that we will see Tharun Bhaskar too. Anchor Ravi and Shyamala will keep us entertained throughout the episode with their crackling chemistry. If you know someone who is born to act, watch this space for more details.

You can binge-watch the previous seasons of Drama Juniors on ZEE5. Or check out Local Gangs, which will be replaced by this acting-based show, here.

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