Doctor Don Promo: Deva Raises A Question That Can’t Be Answered By Monica’s Medical Science!

Deva asks Monica about the organ named ‘Mann’ and she tells him that no such organ exists in the body. This makes Deva questions his emotions and feelings.

Ankita Tiwari

August 4, 2020


3 min


Zee Yuva’s romantic comedy show Doctor Don stars Devdatta Nage and Shweta Shinde in the lead. The chemistry of this duo is undeniably crackling and makes the show interesting. Deva and Monica are currently living as neighbours as the college hostel was repurposed for the COVID patients’ treatment. Meanwhile, Radha shifted to stay with Monica and Kabir. Deva is seen trying to woo Monica by dancing for her and making a huge scene in his own lawn across her house. This makes Monica extremely angry and now Deva has to apologise. But Monica’s statements that she has many questions in regards to Deva in her ‘Mann‘ have put Deva in a frenzy. He is trying to figure out his own emotions.

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Deva reaches Monica’s house to apologise but sees that she is teaching Kabir and Radha. He decides to stay. Just when he looks at the diagram of a human body, he puts forth an astonishing observation. He states that there is an organ missing in the skeletal system. When Monica questions him, he says that there is no ‘Mann‘ in the body and therefore it is wrong. Monica explains that there is no such organ as Mann, it is only the brain that is generating the feelings and emotions ranging from anger, hatred, jealousy, love, and others. But Deva tries to prove her wrong when Radha interrupts and tells him that she knows a person who does not have ‘Mann‘. Radha’s taunt shuts Deva up, but by that time he has already put Monica in a dilemma! Watch the promo below.

Do you agree with Doctor Don’s observation? Watch Doctor Don to see many more such interesting concepts challenging medical science!

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