Doctor Don: Deva-Monica’s Date, Deva-Kabir’s Suspension And Other Best Episodes So Far

Ankita Tiwari

July 12, 2020


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1. Radha's Punishment

Doctor Don is a romantic comedy-drama that explores all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. It has an angle of a parent-child relationship as well as friendships as its core. However, Deva aka Doctor Don’s relationship with Dean Dr Monica Shreekhande is one to look out for. The story revolves around Deva (a don who gives up his negative habits for his daughter) and his will to win his daughter Radha’s heart. He enrols in her college and starts as a student, but ends up falling head over heels for Dr Monica, the dean of the college. Dr Monica’s son Kabir has a massive crush on Radha and is also Deva’s close friend.

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In this episode, Deva enters the college. Radha is late for a lecture and Monica punishes her for coming late. Deva decides to support his daughter in the challenge that follows between Radha and Monica. In this way, he gets closer to Radha as well as Monica.

2. Deva's Ragging At The Hostel

To stay closer to his daughter, Deva moves into the hostel. He finds it difficult to mingle with the students and everyone is scared of him due to his reputation and dominant persona. Nobody tries to file a complaint against him and Radha gets angry due to this. But the students of the hostel decide to teach Deva a lesson by ragging him.

3. Deva And Kabir's Suspension

In this episode, Deva and Kabir get suspended due to their notoriety in the class. Their behavior is horrible and Monica punishes them with suspension. Deva’s friends like Satya and others celebrate the suspension with the noise of drums. Deva and Kabir dance but stop immediately as they see Monica approaching.

4. Deva Visits Monica's House

In this episode, we see Deva visiting Monica’s house along with Kabir. He tries to show Kabir around as he does not know that the latter lives in the house! Deva also brings along ice cream and impresses everyone including Aai. Monica tutors Deva and Kabir as she promised.

5. Deva And Monica's Alibaug Date

In this episode, Deva and Monica visit Alibaug. They are spending some time on the beach when Monica reveals that she has a boyfriend and she has come to visit him. Deva feels heartbroken, but later realises that the boyfriend is only a little boy who is suffering an ailment. Monica visits him regularly. The boy, Anand, asks Deva to take Monica out for real!

Will Deva hinder his mission of winning back Radha? Watch fresh episodes from July 13 to find out!

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