Doctor Don: 5 Things Every Medical Student Will Relate To After Watching The Show

If you want to experience a great half an hour filled with laughter and drama, you must watch Zee Yuva’s popular show Doctor Don. It tells the story of an underworld don Deva. Things take a turn in his life when his daughter Radha breaks all ties with him, after learning about his profession. To win his beloved daughter’s trust, Deva enrols himself in a medical college and the journey hereon is more entertaining than you expect. Aside from Deva’s mission to make Radha believe that he’s a changed man, we are also given a sneak peek into the lives of medical students. Here are some things that every medical student can relate to after watching this show. Check them out!

Watch the episode of Doctor Don here.

1. Ragging of juniors

A still from Doctor Don
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In the initial episodes of Doctor Don, we saw how Kabir was ragged by his seniors and how they even tricked Deva into carrying out a prank  with the dean of the college, Dr. Monica. College life is incomplete without some mischievous seniors, what say? But this is fine as long as they don’t cross the line with their pranks and the ragging. A few playful moments here and there helps create memories that are cherished for a lifetime.

2. The last-minute submissions

a scene from Doctor Don
Source: ZEE5

If you were one to submit all your assignments on time during your college days, then you have missed out on half the fun! Some of the best memories for students from college days include pulling off all-nighters to complete assignments with friends and copious amounts of coffee. However, the real fun is when students team up to convince their professors to accept the assignments after the deadline. Been there done that? This was shown in Doctor Don too where students convinced Dr. Monica to extend their deadlines.

3. The know-it-all

A still from Doctor Don
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Every medical college has that one studious person who is a know-it-all! This intelligent freak is always tensed about his/her studies and is buried in books. In Doctor Don, Kabir is that student who is smart, intelligent and a bit an introvert. He always wants to follow the righteous path and also encourages others to do so. We often refer to such guys as Baba (saint), agreed? And when the exam pressure builds up, every student rushes to Baba for help!

4. Celebrating like there’s no tomorrow

doctor don
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Be it someone’s birthday, a successful result after exams or even breakups- medical students find any excuse to have a grand celebration, in order to escape from the stress and pressure that comes with their profession. In Doctor Don, the students celebrated Deva and Kabir’ suspension by dancing to dhols. Well, we are sure even you must have had some crazy celebrations like these with your college besties, eh?

5. The all-in-one hostel rooms

A scene from Doctor Don
Source: ZEE5

Students who have stayed in hostel rooms know what the struggle is like. Many of them try to fit in everything they can into one room to make it multi-purpose. In Doctor Don, Deva does the same as he sets up his gym equipment inside his room so that he can work out and study at the same time. Another special part of living in hostel rooms is sharing your journey with roommates. Agreed?

What are your fondest memories from your college days? Let us know in the comments below!

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