Doctor Don 17 February 2020 Written Update: Dr. Monica Punishes Radha For Coming Late

Neel Raju Nalawade

February 17, 2020


3 min

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see Deva going about his daily yoga routine. Satya asks him about what exactly is going wrong. He tells him that he is madly in love with Dolly bai and sees her everywhere. Right at that moment, Monica comes in with her grandmother for a morning walk in the park. As soon as her grandmother sees Deva, she gets excited and tells Dolly that she wants to pass him by. Monica tells her not to call her Dolly because then even Deva starts calling her by the same name and she hates that. Her grandmother immediately rushes to meet Deva and requests him to pose for a photo.

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Meanwhile, Radha reaches her hostel and tries to clean the room with the help of her roommate. She calls her mother and tells her that everything is fine and perfect. Radha then tells her mother that she is really missing everybody at home a lot. Akka tells her that all her life she has been living like a queen and asks her why she wants to go through hardships, now. She tells Radha to think wisely and return home.

Dr. Monica brings in Sachin, to give a lecture. Sachin is a shy, insecure and unconfident person. When he is about to give the lecture, he keeps on fumbling and mumbling which makes students laugh at him. At that moment, Deva enters the classroom and in no time, begins to snooze during the lecture. Seeing Deva sleeping, Monica kicks him, to wake him up. Monica tells her the importance of cleanliness and is disgusted to find such an unclean person in the class. She scolds Deva for not even brushing his teeth. To answer her, Deva asks her if she has seen any lion or tiger ever brush their teeth and points out that despite that, they still have strong and healthy teeth. Hearing this, the whole classroom erupts with laughter.

Later, Radha enters the classroom and apologises to Dr. Sachin for being late. But Dr. Monica finds her behavior irresponsible and punishes her by telling her that the next morning, she will ask her some questions and if she fails to answer them, she has to face the consequences. Radha gets irritated by seeing her brother in the classroom, as he is trying to interrupt Dr. Monica.

Will Radha be able to answer Monica’s questions? Find out on Doctor Don.

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