Do You Know The Real Problem Between Shree And Sindhuja In Pyaar Prema Kaadhal?

August 10, 2019


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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal is based on Shree and Sindhuja, two young people and their problems related to the idea of marriage and live-in relationship. This movie, which has Harish and Raiza playing the part of Shree and Sindhuja respectively, is a light-hearted movie with a relevant message. While this movie has its fair share of romantic scenes and comedy,vbut what stands out from the others is the onscreen chemistry of the two actors.

Watch love blooming between Shree and Sindhuja below!

The protagonist of the movie Shree is shown as an infatuated lover who likes to just look at this girl, Sindhuja. But in a series of events that unfold in the movie he gets to know her and they fall in love. But in this process what we witness is a drastic class difference in their characters and the issues that comes with it.

Shree And Sindhu from Pyaar Prema Kaadhal
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Thus the seeds of this class difference are sown from the initial phase of the movie itself. So, when Sindhuja has eggs for breakfast, Shree prefers dosas.  While she drives a car to work,  he rides an ill-kept bike.  Similarly, when Sindhu has been taught to live an independent life where she can take her own decisions, Shree is taught to keep in mind the integrity of his family when he takes a call.

On the same note, we see that their relationship with their parents is also different. Shree is very formal with his parents, while Sindhuja is very much open with her father and shares even the deepest secrets with him. This also sets the tone of the conflict that will arise eventually. As we should understand that the main problem that comes in their life is because of the fact that Sindhu is not able to think out of her identity and Shree is not able to be open with his parents.

Thus, in a way, the main conflict in the movie is not the idea of marriage or live-in relationship but the fact that there is a difference in their upbringing.

So, what are you waiting for check out the movie now streaming on ZEE and tell us what you think about the two characters in the comments below!

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