Did You Understand The Social Message In Vadacurry?

June 7, 2019


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Vadacurry is a movie that speaks about the life of Sathish (Jai), who has just begun his career as a medical representative. It is a simple story which is neatly presented but with the help of some clever plot structures. Now, as any story should have, this story of Satish also has problems and to be specific two major problems. The foremost being the archaic mobile phone that he owns which also becomes a constant source of embarrassment for him. And the second is that he yearns to have a partner for himself.

Watch the comedy and fun in the movie Vadacurry.

Now even though these two issues seem the highlighting ones in the movie, what actually bothers him is his poverty. Satish hails from a poor background, where his brother drives an auto rickshaw for the livelihood and his sister-in-law tries to make the ends meet. In fact, if you look at the plot of the movie closely you would realise that it is this issue that takes the centre place.

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It is his poverty and the want to put an end to his humiliation, that makes Sathish steals an iPhone. But his upbringing and his brother’s (Aruldoss) honesty force him to mend his action. Incidentally, this lands him into more trouble and causing more drama and fun in the movie. Thus, very cleverly the makers of the movie have given out an important social message with regards to poverty and circumstances. And this they have done it a very seasoned manner where they have consciously avoided over exaggerating the circumstances and also the character.

Thus, in this respect, Vadacurry becomes more of social commentary rather than just being a comedy movie. So, what do you think about this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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