Daughter’s Day Special: 9 Telly Ladies Who Bring Pure Joy To Us As On-Screen Daughters

Sneha Bale

September 19, 2019


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1. Soundarya From Muddha Mandaram

Daughter’s Day is just around the corner. And this is the perfect time to pamper your little one. Everyone wants to be loved, but daughters often crave that more. But hey, why shouldn’t they? They’re next-in-line to the lady of the house and too darn adorable. Without a daughter, most people believe their lives to be incomplete. In order to celebrate this special occasion, we take a look at our telly kuthurulu who bring pure joy to us, almost every day of the week.

Thanuja Gowda as Soundarya, in the long-running show Muddha Mandaram, is a delight and a half. On most days, her father Gani chose to spend time with his daughter than to hang out with his friends. Not only is she funny and friendly but also extremely thoughtful and caring.

2. Manga From Kalyana Vaibhogam

Meghana Lokesh plays the dual role of Manga and Nithya in the prime-time show Kalyana Vaibhogam. You might end up loathing Nithya but you will definitely look up to Manga. Her carefree and grounded self is what sets her apart from the crowd. Manga was brought up by Tulasi but found out much later that her biological mother is Swaroopa. Instead of making things complicated, Manga embraced both of her mothers equally and moved ahead.

3. Dharani From Attarintlo Akka Chellellu

Chaithra Rai also plays the dual role as Shravani and Dharani in the recent ZEE Telugu show, Attarintlo Akka Chellellu. She is the younger twin but possesses wisdom and qualities of an elderly woman. She is graceful, thoughtful, caring and too selfless to be true. No matter who you are, you are sure to look up to her.

4. Mrudula From Ninne Pelladatha

Madhubala took over the role of Mrudula in our beloved show Ninne Pelladatha. She is the daughter to Arjun Prasad and Bharati – the parents who gave her a new life and to Veeraswamy and Vasanta – her biological parents. She inherited the best of both her worlds and keeps them before all her needs and wishes. Apart from keeping her parents happy, she also looks after the welfare of her many siblings.

5. Mansi From Ninne Pelladatha

A 24-year-old bundle of happiness, Sree Priya plays the role of Mansi in Ninne Pelladatha. Her character is twisted, at times wicked and at times vulnerable. She brings in the moods and emotions that you and I experience often. To put it simply, she is one of us and that’s her superpower.

6. Tanaya From Ninne Pelladatha

Yet another girlie from Ninne Pelladatha is our in-house fashionista Pavani Ash, who plays the role of Tanaya – Brahmini’s daughter. Despite having such  strict mother, Tanaya finds reasons to love her and sees the good in all situations. She may be docile but is she is also the silent support system to her parents.

7. Vasundhara From Maate Mantramu

Nandi Award-winning actor, Pallavi Ramisetty is a treat to watch as Vasundhara in Maate Mantramu. In the show, she lost her mother and acts as a mother to both the people in her house  – younger sister and grandmother. A daughter is truly a shadow of her mother and Vasundhara proves it well. From letting people hate her to shield someone else to feed her people at the cost of her own health, this lady does it all.

8. Meenakshi From Meenakshi

Just like Vasundhara, Yamini’s character Meenakshi from the hit show Meenakshi is a dream come true. She is the epitome of beauty and good values. When her mother passed away, she took care of her father and her family. And when she lost her dearest father, Meenakshi took the baton to lead the family.

9. Suryakantha From Suryakantham

Who said a daughter is the one with long hair and tinted cheeks? Anusha Hegde as Surya from the new show Suryakantham is here to defy the stereotypes and set new bars for everything. She was born when her parents wanted a son and that’s why she was named after her grandfather. Having a boy-ish name led her to be the man of the house from a tender age. And boy! She makes her father proud and how!

Who is your favourite telly daughter? Did we miss them? Let us know below. Stay tuned for more interesting stories and check out the latest episodes of your favourite show on ZEE5, before TV.

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