Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2: 14 BEHIND-THE-SCENES Stills For Your Eyes Only!

Parinika Uchil

July 19, 2019

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Hostess Anushree Practises With Expressions

Source: ZEE5

Namma favourite show DKD is back with Season 2 of the Family War addition and life is all great again. While sadly we had to say goodbye to Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, exciting things are coming up this weekend with a couple of surprises. The show basically focuses on members from the Zee Kannada Kutumba who will compete in a dance battle. While we have to wait for this weekend’s episode to know the exact format, we some entertaining UNSEEN stills of the crew and some of the celebs who will be participating along with some special guests.

Like always, we will begin with the cutest host in Karnataka, Anushree. She seems to be preparing well for her performance as her expressions are all on point.

Rakshitha Prem Gears Up For Her Performance Too

Source: ZEE5

In a lovely salwar kameez, the gorgeous actress Rakshitha Prem, who will be one of the judges on the show this season, prepares for her dance performance too. And she looks determined, doesn’t she?

A Special Guest On Dance Karnataka Dance Grand Premiere?

Source: ZEE5

Yes! The Dimple Queen of Sandalwood performs with the famous ‘shepherd-boy’ Hanumantha and he seems to be having great fun. A cute picture this, if you ask me.

All Eyes On Them

Source: ZEE5

Everyone including Rakshitha Prem, Rachita Ram, Anushree, Arjun Janya and Vijay Raghavendra shake a leg on stage. But you know, as they say, the bond between Anushree and Arjun seems to be unbreakable. #touchwood

Miss Asia, Mrs World And Miss India Of DKD – Dance Karnataka Dance

Source: ZEE5

The little reunion of Rakshitha Prem, Rachita Ram and Anushree shines brightly on stage as the three gorgeous ladies shake a leg too.

A Few Participants On Dance Karnataka Dance

Source: ZEE5

Contestants From Comedy Khiladigalu are going to be one family, similarly, other reality and primetime shows will send forth their best cast members to be victorious.

Rakshitha Prem Brings Out The Heat On The Sets

Source: ZEE5

The pretty woman is always out to entertain fans and keep winning hearts. Sitting like a queen on her throne, the fan in her hand proves that she turns up the heat in any show. Do you agree?

The Next Judge – The Music Mantrika

Source: ZEE5

Arjun Janya, who is also a judge on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16, will be seen on Dance Karnataka Dance – Family War 2 as part of the judges’ panel as well. Isn’t that cool, you can now see Anushree romancing Janya Ji even on this show.

Vijay Raghavendra’s Smile Is A Killer

Source: ZEE5

A humble man and the brother of Roaring Star Sriimurali is none other than the third judge, Chinnari Mutha Vijay Raghavendra.

Hiranmayi And Soorya From The Mahadevi Kutumba

Source: ZEE5

Hiranmayi and Soorya have announced their arrival on the show and we couldn’t be more excited. While their relationship on the show is yet to build it will be great fun to see these two dancing their hearts out on stage.

Look Who Else Is Here

Source: ZEE5

Shivu and Katyayani from the show Mahadevi have come to support their colleagues and it looks like they had a lot of fun. Or are they here to participate too? You’ll find out this weekend.

These Tiny Tots Are The Biggest Surprise Ever

Source: ZEE5

Parnika and Gnana from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16 will be present on the show this weekend too. However, it is still not confirmed if they will be participants or just special little guests.

Hanumantha Shows His Romantic Side

Source: ZEE5

Dancing with an ex-participant on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is Hanumantha, who seemed to be immersed in his performance. Which song did he perform on? Stay tuned this weekend to find out.

The Crew Celebrate After The Shooting Of The First Episode

Source: ZEE5

Take a look at all these crew members who are celebrating after the first episode. They look happy and content, just like how you will feel once you start following the show every weekend hereafter.

Which Kutumbas do you expect to see on the show? Send in your choices in the space given below.

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