Dada Is Right. Here Are 4 Reasons Why Rest Is Important For You

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March 6, 2020


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1. Rejuvenation and recovery

Sourav Ganguly, our beloved Dada, has often served as an inspiration. Be it with his leadership skills as Team India captain or as host of the popular Bengali quiz show Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8 where he handles all kinds of requests with a smile, Dada is someone who we can look up to. Watch him below.

Dada recently brought a smile to our faces with this post on his social media account where he spoke about the importance of rest. It raised a very important aspect of life we often overlook. Do we make sure to get the rest we need after a long stretch of hard work? Be it a tough week at work or a strenuous session at the gym, a period of rest is crucial to keep performing at your peak! Let’s take a look at why.

Our minds and bodies are constantly working to sustain ourselves. Athletes know the importance of rest. Physical activity such as building muscle requires exertion– as does it need rest! This is equally important in order to emerge fitter and stronger, and prevent injury or burnout. The same applies to mental exertion of our brain.

2. Regeneration of cells

We hear time and again how necessary it is to get adequate sleep every night. This is because our body repairs itself, generates new cells and carries out a host of other important functions only during this time. You may be tempted to consider cutting down on sleep to make time for other activities, but this will only backfire. Have you ever had a day where you felt so tired, that not even the strongest cup of coffee could make it better? Well, the simplest solution would be to get some sleep! Aim for seven to eight hours every night, and you are sure to have much more energy and be more productive.

3. Heightened productivity

Contrary to what many believe, rest is actually a prime factor in maximising your productivity. Several workaholics pride themselves on never taking a holiday, but this actually hurts your professional goals in the long run. In fact, the biggest companies are seeing a huge spike in their employees’ performances after encouraging them to take enough time off.

4. Health and happiness

Surely, nothing is more important than our physical and mental well-being when it comes to living a good, well-balanced life. And getting enough rest is a key factor in achieving this. For how will we perform our duties or take care of others when we are not able to function properly ourselves? Today, the concept of self-care is becoming increasingly important in our otherwise fast-paced lifestyles, and with good reason.     

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