Daayan Recap: Akarsh Reveals His True Identity In Front Of Janhvi

Ashutosh Oak

April 10, 2019


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In the last week of Daayan, we saw Akarsh getting angry on Janhvi because she took away the king’s dead body with the help of Veer. On the other side, Janhvi stops Veer from destroying the king’s body as he was once a king and they should do his last rites properly. Akarsh then uses his Kavatch to get into the temple and takes away Rimpy.

Watch the latest episode below:

Take a look at the highlights of the show below:

  1. While everyone asks for Akarsh, he comes in the room and tells everyone that he was out with his friend and also tries to assure Dipank that he will find Dimpy soon.

    Akarsh and Dipank
    Source: ZEE5
  2. Veer convinces Janhvi that Akarsh is Daayan by showing her the mess in the room and the rudraksha.

    Veer and Janhvi
    Source: ZEE5
  3. Janhvi and Veer tell the family that Rimpy is with Daayan. She also tells them that they have to do the last rites of the King to stop Daayan.

    Janhvi reveals about Daayan
    Source: ZEE5
  4. Daayan is about to kill Janhvi but Akarsh asks her to give one last chance to get king’s dead body back.

    Akarsh as Daayan
    Source: ZEE5
  5. Viraj forces Janhvi to take her back to Mumbai but Veer and Vijyesh prove to Viraj that she is Janhvi and not Kundani.

    Janhvi tells truth to Viraj
    Source: ZEE5
  6. Everyone goes to do the last rites of the king but Akarsh disguises as Dipank and takes Rimpy and the king’s dead body with him.

    Akarsh catches Rimpy
    Source: ZEE5
  7. Vijyesh then comes up with an idea to find Rimpy, but he knows its dangerous. 

    Vrijesh comes up with an idea to find Rimpy
    Source: ZEE5
  8. The feather appears in front of Janhvi and she starts following it.

    Janhvi follows the feather
    Source: ZEE5
  9. Veer, Vijyesh and Janhvi finally find out that Rimpy is in Daayan’s control.

    Rimpy is Possesed
    Source: ZEE5
  10. The king suddenly wakes up from the dead and Daayan asks him where the Jeevyani Mani is kept.

    The king comes back to life
    Source: ZEE5
  11. With the help of the king Veer, Vijyesh and Janhvi take Rimpy to a safe place.

    Everyone runs away with the help of the King
    Source: ZEE5
  12. The king then tells them the story of Jeevyani Mani.

    King Finds Jeevyani Mani
    Source: ZEE5
  13.  He then tells them that he somehow managed to keep the Mani at a safe place.

    Daayan kills the king
    Source: ZEE5
  14. Akarsh comes in front of Janhvi in his Daayan avatar to stop her, but with the help of the king, she gets away.

    Akarsh reveals his Daayan avatar
    Source: ZEE5
  15. The king who got badly hurt while fighting with Daayan tells Janhvi a riddle; decoding which she will know where the Jeevyani Mani is kept. He also tells her to kill him so that Daayan can never find him.

    The Tale of Jeevyani Mani
    Source: ZEE5
  16. Daayan comes to know that Janhvi has killed the king and gets angry on Janhvi.

    Daayan gets angry on Janhvi
    Source: ZEE5
  17. Veer, Vjyesh, Rimpy and Janhvi come home with the king’s ashes and they plan to dispose it. Hearing this Akarsh gets angry.

    Janhvi decide to dispose of kings ashes
    Source: ZEE5

Will Akarsh kill Janhvi or will his love make him change his decision? We will update you soon.

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