Daayan 29-30 June Recap: Is Janhvi Pregnant With Aakarsh And Satrupa’s Child?

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July 4, 2019


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Satrupa Learns About Aakarsh’s Plan Through Vijesh


Satrupa gets a hold of Vijesh and learns about Aakarsh’s plan to capture her in stone. She goes to the room where Aakarsh has kept the stone and tries to free her roops, but fails to do so since she is weak.

Aakarsh’s Trap To Get Satrupa


Before she could do anything, Aakarsh comes there and surprises Satrupa. He tells her that he knew that she would use her powers on Vijesh and come to save herself. Suddenly, Satrupa faints and Aakarsh takes her to the hospital.

Prachi And Veer Have An Argument


At home, everyone is busy preparing for Veer and Prachi’s wedding. Prachi is upset because she behaved rudely with Veer. She goes to him to apologise, but Veer gets angry and asks her to leave.

Satrupa Takes Daayan’s Help To Free Herself


Aakarsh comes back with Satrupa and tells her to stay in the room. He is confused that how can a vampire like Satrupa fall sick. After Aakarsh leaves the room, Satrupa takes Daayan’s help and learns about the book to free herself.

Janhvi Learns About Aakarsh’s Trap To Capture Satrupa


Janhvi notices that Aakarsh is hiding something from her. On asking, Aakarsh tells her that he made a plan to capture Satrupa, but he is just one step away because she is sick. Janhvi gets confused and decides to find out Satrupa’s new plan with the help of Vijesh.

Satrupa Manipulates Harsh And Gets The Pages Of The Book


Knowing that Harsh wants to get his dead wife back, Satrupa manipulates him. She tells him that if he gets the pages from Aakarsh, she will help him get his wife back. Later, Harsh gets successful in getting the papers and gives them to Satrupa.

Satrupa Tries To Kill Janhvi


Janhvi sees Harsh and Satrupa talking to each other. She then follows Satrupa, which leads her to the same room where Aakarsh captured Satrupa. After freeing all the Satrupas, she tries to kill Janhvi with her powers. Just then, Aakarsh comes there and saves Janhvi.

Veer And Prachi Get Married


Daayan aka Asha tries to stop the wedding by controlling Prachi, but fails because of Janhvi. Veer and Prachi get married. During the wedding, Veer seems to be upset and angry with Prachi for her rude behaviour.

Janvhi Is Pregnant


After the wedding, Veer and Prachi are seen doing the rasam. A few moments later, Janhvi starts feeling weak and faints. Aakarsh immediately calls the doctor and she tells everyone that Janhvi is pregnant. All the family members get happy except for Aakarsh and Janhvi because they know that they haven’t come close to each other.

Janhvi To Deliver Aakarsh And Satrupa’s Child


Satrupa comes to Janhvi and tells her that the baby in her body is that of Aakarsh and Satrupa. Aakash denies this and asks Satrupa how can she say such a thing. She tells Aakarsh that while she was in the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant. Later when she saw Janhvi, she shifted her baby to Janhvi’s body through magic.

Will Janhvi keep the child or will she abort because of its evil mother? Find out in the next episode.

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