Craving Desserts? Treat Your Sweet Tooth With Upasana Konidela’s Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Sneha Bale

April 2, 2020


3 min

Our tropical land is thriving in its most natural climate, the summers. Count your blessing for having to stay indoors. As we said, let’s focus on the silver lining even during these times of global crisis. Many experts have repeatedly asked people to refrain from packaged foods. And our beloved ice cream is one of those. While it is advisable to avoid packaged ice cream, do not stop yourself from gulping down a scoop of ice cream. How? DIY!

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The Konidela kodalu, Upasana Kamineni has come to our rescue once again. Recently, she shared an interesting yet simple ice cream recipe, that we can whip inside the comfort of our houses. Moreover, you can make this homemade Banana ice cream with only three natural ingredients, as opposed to five. Upasana tells us that all we need to make this delicious dessert are – frozen bananas, homemade yoghurt or Greek yoghurt and almond butter.

Banana ice cream
Banana ice cream

Apart from these, you can also add vanilla bean and dates for extra sweetness. Before you start preparing, ensure that all your ingredients are nice and cold. Now, toss them into a blender and blend it to achieve the consistency you wish for. Remember to keep the blends shorter, or else the ice cream may turn into a milkshake. Once you achieve the desired consistency, transfer into a bowl and enjoy the lip-smacking dessert.

You can also transfer it into another bowl and allow it to freeze for a couple of hours. If the blended consistency is too runny for you, freezing it for at least two hours would give you complete store-bought ice cream feel. Upasana also adds that you should consume it before 4 pm to allow better digestion.

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