COVID-19: Measures Ramped Up Ahead Of Monsoon Session

Both houses of Parliament to have staggered seating along with other Covid-19 measures.

Sohil Nikam

September 14, 2020

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A first-of-its-kind Monsoon session of Parliament is all set to take place amid the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts are on in full swing in order to ensure that there’s no spread of the disease during the 18-day stretch. It’s very obvious that staggered seating arrangements will be made to make sure that there’s adequate social distancing among the members. There has also been a curb on the number of MPs being able to attend the sessions. 256 MPs will be permitted inside the Lok Sabha chambers, while 172 MPs will be seated in the gallery.

As for the Rajya Sabha, 60 MPs will be seated in the main chambers, whereas 51 will be allowed in the gallery. In order to ensure that none of the MPs face inconvenience, large screens will be put up for those seated far away from the speaker. Special cables have been put up to connect both the houses. It goes without saying that COVID-19 tests are mandatory for MPs as well as staff. Attendance will be taken through a mobile app moreover.

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