COVID-19: Jammu-Kashmir Police Launches ‘Corona Rath’ In Pulwama To Create Awareness

On Thursday (May 28), the district administration of Pulwama launched ‘Corona Rath’ to make people aware of the Novel Coronavirus. The Jammu-Kashmir police have engaged a man who will guide people with the dos and don’ts amid the pandemic. The administration in Pulwama has stepped up its efforts to create awareness among the residents about COVID-19 disease. Hilal Ahmad – Assistant Commissioner Development (Pulwama) said, “It is a matter of containing the Coronavirus.”

He added, “A lot of effort is being put into it by the district administration. To enforce this, with the permission of the District Commissioner, we carried out a rally called the ‘Corona Rath’. He himself flew the rally off. It was his idea to adopt a unique method to create awareness about the COVID-19 disease so that the people don’t be misinformed or misguided.” The volunteers distributed printed pamphlets to the locals and residents. A small rally truck carried volunteers who made announcements on loudspeakers.


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