COVID-19: Bat Carcasses Sent To Bareilly For Testing To Discover The Reason Behind Sudden Death

Neel Raju Nalawade

May 28, 2020



2 min


After 10-20 bats were found dead in Bishunpur village of Uttar Pradesh, samples of the carcasses have been sent for testing at a lab in Bareilly to know the exact reason behind their death. As per an ANI report, the villagers were already scared of the ongoing pandemic and the sudden deaths of the bats added fuel to the fire. District Forest Officer Shraddha Yadav said, “Our team has collected samples of four dead bats from the village. These have been now sent for testing to ascertain the reason behind their death. Our field staff has found 10-20 carcasses of bats.”

Earlier, it was claimed that the COVID-19 virus had started spreading in Wuhan, China, because of the bats and this made the villagers more worried after the incident. Jai Prakash Yadav, a villager said, “I requested the authorities to take the required action as we are worried about the current situation. We have heard that bats are the carriers of COVID-19.” Bablu, a social worker said, “Thousands of bats live on the trees of Bishanpur village. Recently, it was noticed that nearly 50 bats are dying every day, after which, the Health Department and Forest Department were informed about the situation.”

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