Cocktail Review: Yogi Babu’s One-Liners In This Dark Comedy Will Leave You In Splits!


July 11, 2020


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Cocktail starring Yogi Babu on ZEE5 is a film that successfully manages to strike a chord with its audience. Touted to be a black comedy, the film revolves around a murder investigation and the theft of an ancient idol of Lord Murugan, which goes missing from the museum.

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Cocktail featuring Yogi Babu was long due for a theatrical release. It was slated to hit the silver screens in March 2020. Given the current scenario (COVID-19 pandemic), the makers decided to present it on a digital platform. The film has released yesterday (July 10, 2020) and here’s our complete review of the crime-comedy-thriller, that’s currently streaming on ZEE5.


An ancient idol of Lord Murugan has been stolen from a Museum which is then illegally sold to a foreigner. Meanwhile, four friends, who get together for a bachelor party at the groom’s flat get sloshed, after drinking. When they wake up, they find a dead woman in the flat. As they remember nothing from the last night, they try to secretively get rid of the corpse of that unknown woman.

While doing so, they get themselves in a tricky situation. Watch the film to find out if anyone from them has really killed the woman or if are they innocent? If they are, then how are they going to prove their innocence? Also, what happens when the two stories intersect?

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Four drunk friends waking up to a dead woman in the flat and not remember a thing from the previous night bears a similarity to the Bradley Cooper starrer Hangover, where four friends get roofied and wake up to a tiger, a chicken, and a crying baby in a $4,200-a-night suite. The film Cocktail is an out and out Yogi Babu film, laced with black comedy.

It also has a lot of little moments of humour that will leave you in splits and Yogi Babu’s one-liners are epic. Throughout, Vijaya Murugan (the filmmaker) did resist the temptation to go too far; Just when they seem they might, they made sure to pull back, and that’s amazing.

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Yogi Babu as Don in the film did complete justice to his role. His regular antics made most scenes in the film even funnier than it was meant to be. Sayaji Shinde is also an amazing actor; While he always plays an antagonist in most of his films, he did a positive role in Cocktail as he essayed the character of a cop. We surely were impressed by his wonderful performance in the film.

Reshmi Gopinath, who plays the love interest of Yogi Babu in the film, had a flair for comedy too. She performed with quiet ease all through the film. Mime Gopi is one of my favourite villains; He is capable of making you laugh even when he is doing a serious role. Swaminathan pulled off a good performance as his character seemed pretty easy, funny and relaxed.

Directed by RA Vijaya Murugan, the film also features Sayaji Shinde, Mime Gopi, Swaminathan, and Reshmi Gopinath in the prominent roles. Produced by PG Muthiah under the banner PG Media Works, Cocktail is thoroughly entertaining. The film is available online for the ZEE5 users, you can enjoy this crime-comedy-thriller with your family in this lockdown period. Stay tuned!

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