Climate Activists Protest Receding Glaciers in Swiss Alpine Region

More than 200 people gathered at the Trient Glacier to protest disappearing glaciers due to CO2 emissions

Raghav N

September 9, 2020

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Climate activists gathered on Sunday near one of the melting glaciers in the European Alps to draw attention to the impact of climate change on the natural landscape of Switzerland. More than 200 people walked to the foot of the Trient Glacier, situated along one of Europe’s tallest mountains, the Mont Blanc, to urge authorities to work towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).

Comparing a photograph of the same region from 1891, the demonstrators shared another recent picture of the location to point out the starling difference between the two periods.

This protest comes just a day before the Swiss Parliament begins debating a new legislation on reducing the CO2 emissions.

According to reports, the Trient glacier that sits at an altitude of 3000-32000 metres, has already receded by over 1000 metres in the last 30 years. The participants of the rally said that the temperatures that have risen by over 2 degree Celsius are causing the meltdown of the alps. They added that more than 500 glaciers, also one of the largest sources of fresh water, have disappeared in the last three decades.

Just last month, Switzerland’s Turtmann Glacier split in two, losing 30,000 cubic metres.

The government has also stressed that 90% of the remaining 1500 glaciers will vanish by the end of the century if immediate steps to reduce the emissions are not taken.

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