Churails: How Do Ex-Convicts, Street Hookers, Transgenders, Hackers Run An Agency?

Churails is an out of the box series about women and sisterhood that is sure to keep you hooked. Coming soon on ZEE5.


July 29, 2020


3 min


What happens when one hears the word Churail? You think of a devil or ghost or something negative but what if we tell you Churails is an inner circle where four strong women hire seven women ex-convicts, street hookers, transgenders, hackers – to run this agency with them, as they expand their operations to help vulnerable, oppressed women. In a time so sensitive, female voices are needed and we see four women from different walks of life coming together to form this amazing agency. This show stars Sarwat Gillani, Mehar Bano, Nirma Bucha, Yasra Rizvi, Meher Jafri, Sarmad Khoosat, Sania Saeed and Omair Rana in the lead roles.

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Asim Abbasi brings to us this quirky tale, set in Karachi, fate brings together four women, from different backgrounds, all looking for a new purpose in life: Batool who is a forty-two-year-old woman who is a convict and has served twenty years in prison. Then there is Zubaida who is a young college girl from a conservative, poverty-stricken neighbourhood, with dreams of becoming a boxer. Jugnu is a thirty-four-year-old divorcee and a wedding planner with a failing career and money trouble. Lastly, there is  Sara a former lawyer, who gave up her career to play housewife to her politician husband and raise their three kids.

As Batool gets out of jail, Zubaida runs away from home and Sara realizes that her married life has been a sham; the lives of these women converge around Jugnu, and together, they form a secret detective agency with the purpose of finding and exposing unfaithful husbands amongst Karachi’s elite, operating under the guise of a fashion store named “Halal Designs”. This liberated alliance then ally with seven women of different backgrounds and operate the agency ‘Churail.’

This series is all about breaking the stereotypes attached to what a woman is supposed to do or be, but in here if you are already breaking the boundary one should be proud to be referred to as Churails.

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