Chintu Ka Birthday Is A Wonderful Lesson For Families ‘Living Together In Crisis’

Kenneth Carneiro

June 9, 2020


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Tips to keep the family together during the lockdown.

Chintu Ka Birthday, releasing on 5 June 2020 is the right kind of family drama that will bring you and your family together. This film tells the story of an Indian immigrant family in Iraq caught in the middle of a war zone trying to celebrate the birthday of their youngest son.

Watch a trailer for the film here.

1. Celebrate the little things

The whole idea of celebrating a birthday in an active war zone can seem grim. We might have a similar feeling at home now too. However, in such times it is important to keep the happiness alive by celebrating small moments with special gestures.

2. FInd something fun for everyone

It’s easy to get bored and that can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts. Instead of spending all of the time looking at the phone screen or TV screen, it’s better to find a way to bond with your family through board games, card games or simply through conversations and exchanging stories.

3. Learn a new skill together

Eventually, you will run out of things to talk about. It’s nice to learn a new skill or a try out new activities together, like Chintu’s family who gets together to bake a cake for his birthday. Pick up that old mouth organ that everyone forgot about and have a fun time trying to learn how to use it.

4. Comfort the sensitive

Not everything will be hunky-dory under the lockdown. When things get emotional or too much to deal with it’s important to stand by each other and support each other much like Chintu’s father consoles his family when the bithday plan goes off the rails.

Watch the movie Chintu Ka Birthday on ZEE5 and tells us what it made you appreciate about your family, in the comments below.

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