China’s Spying Tactics Against India And The World

A new study reveals that China is engaging in hybrid warfare and hacking into private data of several countries, including India

Raghav N

September 15, 2020

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When the Indian Government decided to ban Chinese Apps overnight a few months ago, many said that the border and business should be kept separate. The government was, however, clear on its stand citing security breaches by China.

These claims have now been well corroborated after a new study was conducted by two renowned international companies which are experts in cyber security. Research has revealed that data can be copied illicitly from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many other portals.

With an intention of waging what is called a hybrid warfare, China is using a small company that is disguised as a data processing firm to collect personal information of individuals across the world. In India itself, around 10,000 people are reportedly tracked digitally by the Communist country.

All these private statistics are typically obtained when customers buy Chinese products like phones and gadgets and feed their details into these devices.

The concept of hybrid warfare includes high level hacking like procuring classified information about your rivals. It is like an economic attack on a country, where one tries to take its enemy’s attention off the border by crippling their economy. It also propagates fake news.

A senior journalist who published his article based on this study shared that the small firm based out of China has its offices across 20 centres and tracks its target persons for as long as a year.

This is not a new phenomenon with countries like Russia and Israel having used this technique for their previous wars.

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