China Sells Designer Masks That Become A Worldwide Trend

China continues to produce the majority of designer masks amidst the global pandemic.


May 20, 2020


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China has officially made half of the world’s masks before COVID-19 could even emerge into a global pandemic. Since then, the production of the same has become 12-fold. Other than that, China has also claimed the mask factory output for itself.

The masks are said to be fancy as they have been adorned with designs of flowers like the orchids and camellias. They also have Chinese characters that symbolise good luck and are of silk material. Created by Chinese fashion designer Zhou Li, the item has been trending all over the world during the coronavirus outbreak.

Zhou has been making such embroidered silk masks that are not only breathtakingly beautiful to look at but are also equipped with high specification N95 air filters. Zhou has also been designing protective suits.

Zhou’s company makes around 600 masks a day and sells them online. Inviting influencers to participate in live-streaming on e-commerce platforms will also be used as a medium of marketing.

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