Children’s Day Special: Try Out These Special Recipes For Your Little Ones Today

November 14, 2019


3 min

Getting your kids to love their meals and especially the healthy ones can be a task. Moms constantly have to come up with innovative ways to get kids to finish their meals. But it’s okay for your kids to indulge in something delicious with chocolates and cheese sometimes. Children’s Day is one of the most special day for kids since they will also be celebrating it at school. It’s the sweetest childhood memory to remember even when you grow up. To make it more special for your kids, you can try out some of these recipes at home.

Check out this special Banana Chocolate Pancake Recipe by Chef Emanuel Chauhan & Tanaaz Irani here

Not only is this easy to make but it’s also healthy since the banana compensates for added sugar.

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

You’ll become the favourite parent if you make chocolate chip cookies for your kids. This is an easy to follow recipe and you can also get your kids to help you bake. Not only will you bond better with your kids but you’ll also get a chocolatey treat at the end.

Hakka Noodles

Kids love noodles and rather than going for the processed, ready-to-eat ones, you can make it from the scratch for your kids. Make it healthier and tastier.

Coffee Chocolate Truffles by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria

Another chocolate recipe that you can try out. It will make you quite popular among the kids and you can thank us later for this.

Cheesy Paratha

If you want to make something desi for your kids, try out this cheese paratha recipe.

Fried Chicken recipe by Chef Emanuel Chauhan & Tanaaz Irani

Your kid will definitely love this special fried chicken and will want you to make it more often.

Chocolate Kulfi by Sanjeev Kapoor

There is nothing your kids will love more than home-cooked meals, including ice-creams. You’ll become the most favourite family member after making this chocolate kulfi at home.

Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cake by Sanjeev Kapoor

If you want to serve your kids something special but also make sure that they don’t binge on it, you can try out this chocolate mousse recipe at home.

If you like our recipes and wish to see more such videos, then check out our children’s day special Kids’ Favourite Recipes,¬†streaming on ZEE5.

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