Chembarathy December 7 Written Update: Das Learns About Kalyani’s Feelings For Anand!

Akhila discuss her plans for Anand’s marriage while Kalyani hides in the room

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December 7, 2019


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In the previous episode of Chembarathy, Guruji makes Akhila and Krishnan realise the auspicious omens happening in front of them. He foresees Anand’s marriage and asks Krishnan to make arrangements for Pooja. An upset Kalyani meets Anand in the temple and reveals the dangers that are about to follow if they were to marry.

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In today’s episode Kalyani goes to Anand’s room as he asks for tea. She tells him about Sujatha watching her as she came up and that she can’t be late. Anand talks to her about his plans of revealing their relationship to Akhila, but Kalyani feels helpless about her fate. While Anand reassures her, Akhila walks in with food for Anand to personally tell him about her plans for his marriage. Anand makes Kalyani hide in the washroom before Akhila sees her. While hiding behind the washroom door, Kalyani overhears Akhila telling Anand about her plan to marry off Kalyani to a better man than Chandrapratapan.

Akhila also tells Anand about her plan to find him a girl to marry before Kalyani’s marriage, as per Guruji’s instructions. Kalyani feels as if she is cheating Akhila, while Akhila is only wishing the best for her. Krishnan walks in with an office call and makes Akhila walk out of the room, giving enough time for Kalyani to run out.

Kalyani shares her dilemma with Aniyankuttan that she can’t choose between Anand and Akhila. As she tells him about how it is not possible for her to imagine a life without Anand, Das walks in.

If you are new to the show, Chembarathy is based on events that unfurl in Kalyani’s life – a village girl who goes on to fall in love with Anand from the wealthy family of Thrichambarath. Kalyani who works as the maid in the family has to hide her relationship with Anand, from his mother Akhilandeshwari to save her notions of class and family pride. The story takes several twirls as Kalyani is made subject to the plans of Akhila’s enemies, who plans to destroy the family.

What do you think will be Das’s reaction? Will Das keep Kalyani’s secret? Comment below your thoughts on the next episode.

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