Chembarathy December 7 Preview: Akhila Walks In While Anand Hides Kalyani

In the preview for the next episode, Akhilandeshwari talks to Anand about her plans for his marriage.

Tom Francis

December 7, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathy, the story develops as Akhilandeshwari acknowledges Kalyani’s efforts with her sacrifices. Chandrapratapan’s tricks were brought to light as Akhila gets to know about his real intentions. Kalyani informs Anand about the incoming danger as he confesses his love for her and plans to marry her. Guruji foresees auspicious events in Thrichambarath family regarding Anand’s marriage. Akhila makes Vilasini responsible for Chandrapratapan and orders her to leave.

The current episode unfolds with Akhila planning for Anand’s marriage. In the preview, Anand asks Kalyani to bring him tea to his room. The couple start talking about their relationship and Anand motivates Kalyani to stay positive about the turn of events in her life. Kalyani decides to leave the room while Akhila walks in with Anand’s lunch. Anand hides Kalyani behind the washroom door and starts talking to his mother.

Akhila starts talking about her plans for Anand while Kalyani overhears the discussion from the washroom. Akhila lets him know about how Guruji told her about Anand’s marriage, and her plans to make it happen. Anand tries to cover up his fear and continues the discussion, only to his surprise, Akhila decides to use the washroom to attend a call, leaving Kalyani helpless.

What do you think will happen next? What will be Akhila’s reaction when she finds Kalyani in the room? Will Anand try and save Kalyani? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Chembarathy is based on events that unfurl in Kalyani’s life – a village girl who goes on to fall in love with Anand from the wealthy family of Thrichambarath. Kalyani who works as the maid in Thrichambarath family has to hide her relationship with Anand, from his mother Akhilandeshwari and other family members to save her notions of class and family pride. The story takes several twists and twirls as Kalyani is made subject to the plans of Akhila’s enemies, who plans to destroy the family.

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