Chembarathy 6 December 2019 Written Update: Akhila Recognises Kalyani’s Efforts

In tonight’s episode Kalyani reveals her love for Anand, letting him know of the dangers that follow.

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December 6, 2019


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In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani’s marriage with Chandrapratapan gets called off as Akhila learns about Chandrapratapan’s motives and his past marriage, from Das. Chandrapratapan gets pushed out of the marriage hall, when Aravindan and Subramaniam get to know about his illicit operations in Mumbai. Akhilandeshwari apologises to the relatives present and thanks god for saving Kalyani from Chandrapratapan’s wretched ways.

In tonight’s episode, Akhilandeshwari goes to the temple to meet Guruji, along with her family to ask for advice and the way forward. Kalyani meets Anand in the temple and confesses her love for him. As Anand is about to give her a reply, Kalyani warns him that their union will only result in Akhila’s downfall. She adds that she has promised to dedicate her life towards protecting Akhila’s son and family. Anand takes the issue lightly and is confident that their love can overcome the obstacles that will follow.

Akhila’s conversation with Guruji assures her that the incidents that occurred with Kalyani, worked out for the best. She believes that goddess devi will always look out for her family and protect Kalyani from Chandrapratapan. Akhila asks Nandini to bring the plate for the aarti and decides to perform aarti for Kalyani for her sacrifices for the family. Akhila acknowledges Kalyani’s efforts in saving the family’s pride and bringing everyone together. 

As Akhila and the rest of the family members go inside for discussions with Guruji, Anand approaches Kalyani and holds her hand to take the first auspicious step together. Kalyani is in distress as she fears other family members watching. To avoid disturbing the family, she struggles to free her hand from Anand. Vilasini sees Anand holding Kalyani’s hand and quickly tries to notify Akhila. Anand lets go of Kalyani’s hand as soon as he sees Akhila. Frustrated with Vilasini’s behavior, Akhila slaps her. She asks her to leave and holds her responsible for Chandrapratapan.

Guruji while preparing for pooja (rituals), foresees Anand’s marriage, making Akhila happy. What do you think will be Vilasini’s retaliation after she experienced failure with her plans in dealing with Chandrapratapan? Will Anand disclose his love for Kalyani?

What do you think will happen next? Keep watching to find out!

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