Chembarathi Special: Best Bromance Moments From Anand And Subramanian

Tom Francis

March 3, 2020


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All of us Chembarathi fans love to watch Subramanian on the show for the support he gives Anand and Kalyani in their relationship. ‘Subru’ as he is lovingly called by the other characters on the show has given us too many grand moments that displays his love for his friend Anand. With too many funny moments shared between these two, their bromance on screen is one of the best ever. Here are some of the best moments to re-watch from Subru and Anand of Chembarathi:

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#1 Anand and Subramanian in Mumbai

Subramanian tells Anand about getting beaten up
Subramanian tells Anand about getting beaten up

The duo’s Mumbai visit gave way to one of the funniest moments in Chembarathi as Anand tries to hide his injuries from Kalyani. He asks Subramanian to find a cloth so that he can hide his bandages but Subru decides to steal a cap from a woman. Hilarious moments follow when he explains the events to Anand about how a crowd beat him up. Even with a crowd beating him into pulp, he still tries to help Anand.

#2 Best wingman ever

Subramanian and Anand
Subramanian and Anand

Anand can always depend on Subramanian as he is willing to do anything to save his relationship with Kalyani. The only person other than Aravind who Anand can share his worries with is Subramanian as he is a known problem solver. Remember how Subramanian asked him to bring Kalyani to Anand’s room so that they can practice for the competition? Subramanian knows how Kalyani’s mood changes and even informs Anand about the same. He is quick to notice Kalyani hiding the truth when Vilasini burns her feet. With such moments, Subramanian is obviously the best wingman on the show for Anand.

#3 Always a call away

Anand hits Subru's leg with a flower vase
Anand hits Subru’s leg with a flower vase

Whenever Anand is left without an idea to save Kalyani, Subramanian is the first person he calls. When Kalyani falls from the sofa trying to watch Ganga practising, Anand calls Subramanian to help. He asks him if he is willing to do something for him and Subru agrees. Hilarious moments follow when Anand takes a flower vase and hits Subramanian’s leg so that he can call the doctor for him and Kalyani. Subramanian is ready to go through pain for his friend’s relationship and even pretends to limp in front of Vilasini and Jayanthi.

#4 As best a friend can be

Aravind tricks'
Aravind and Subramanian tricks Vilasini

Subramanian is ready to help Anand even when he is not around or aware of the dangers coming at him. When Aravind learns about Vilasini’s plan to snatch Kalyani’s ancestral necklace with a replica, Aravind assigns Subramanian to interchange the necklaces. Vilasini’s plan fails and when Akhila opens the necklace she gets elated to find her grandparents’ pictures inside. Subramanian’s effective lies and constant support is a major reason why Anand can still hide his relationship with Kalyani from his mother, Akhila.

Which was your favourite bromance moment from Subramanian and Anand? Tell us in the comments below!

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