Chembarathi Recap: Will Ganga Make Anand Marry Her?

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May 28, 2020


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It is time to rejoice as we have a piece of good news for you during this lockdown. After a two-month-long break, our most loved Zee Keralam shows will be back from June 1st, 2020. Our favourite show Chembarathi, is also gearing up to enter our lives once again. As we are all eagerly waiting to know what is in store of Anand and Kalyani, here’s a brief recap of all the incidents you need to know before restarting.

Previously on Chembarathi, even with Vilasini slipping a scorpion into her Chilanka, Kalyani endures the pain and wins the brand ambassador competition. When Akhila gets to know about the results, she gets furious and points a gun at Ganga for breaking her promise to win the competition. Ganga suddenly plays a drama and snatches the gun from Akhila to kill herself. As Ganga blames Anand for her failure, Akhila breaks her promise and agrees to their marriage.

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Kalyani gets devastated when she learns that Akhila hasn’t changed her mind to make Ganga marry Anand. Akhila points the gun at Kalyani and asks Das to leave Thrichambarath and go back to their village.

Aravind from Chembarathi
Aravind questions Krishnan

Aravind gets agitated by his mother’s actions and yells at Krishnan for the same. In return, Krishnan slaps Aravind for speaking ill of Akhila and tells him that he will always stand by his wife’s decisions. Meanwhile, Priyanka informs Vilasini that Ganga’s drama was also a part of her plan to defeat Kalyani.




Nandana returns to Thrichambarath
Nandana returns to Thrichambarath
Later, Anand tries to discover Ganga’s intentions from a private detective. Kalyani hides the truth about Ganga from Anand as she gets scared of the consequences. Making matters worse for Aravind,
Nandana returns to Thrichambarath as her father apologises to Krishnan and Akhila.
Guruji advises Akhila

Akhila consults Guruji and prepares the family for Anand’s engagement with Ganga. She also finds a groom for Kalyani to conduct her marriage at the same time. Vilasini and Ganga plan to intoxicate her during the engagement ceremony.

Vilasini spiking sweets
Vilasini spikes the sweets

With Stella’s warning playing in her mind, Kalyani declines Jayanthi’s offer to drink the juice but falls into Vilasini’s trap when she forces her to eat the spiked sweets. Akhila gets annoyed after watching Kalyani’s antics in front of her guests during the ceremony. Anand holds Vilasini responsible for intoxicating Kalyani as he shows Akhila a video of her mixing the chemicals in sweets.

Aravind gets Ganga's father drunk
Aravind gets Ganga’s father drunk

Aravind and Subramanian get Ganga’s father drunk to make him reveal her true identity. Ganga acts quickly to delete the files from Aravind’s phone as he records the conversation to show Akhila. Anand’s suspicions about Ganga gets strong when he sees her slapping Sebastian, who is posing as her father.

Vilasini slaps Kalyani
Vilasini slaps Kalyani

During the ancestral jewellery exchanging ceremony, Kalyani refuses to make Payasam at Thrichambarath as per Anand’s advice. When Vilasini compels her to do the same, Kalyani is saved by Das’s intervention. Kalyani then prepares the Payasam at her house just as how Anand wanted.

As we gear up to watch the serial’s new episodes that will be aired from June 1, we thought it was best to walk down memory lane and take a look at Anand and Kalyani’s love story that was interrupted, due to lockdown.

What do you think will happen next on Chembarathi? Stay tuned to find out!

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