Chembarathi December 9 2019 Preview: How Will Das React To Kalyini’s Secret?

In the preview for the next episode, Anand gifts Kalyani a necklace, adding to more suspicion and drama.

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December 9, 2019


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Previously on Chembarathi, we saw Kalyani overhears Akhila’s plans for Anand’s marriage. She runs out of the room, as Akhila answers a call. Anand reassures her about things looking positive and asks her to stay optimistic. 

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Kalyani returns home, and starts discussing about the events that took place at Thrichambarath and how she is betraying Akhila by wishing to settle down with Anand. While Aniyankuttan tries to cheer her up, they notice Das walking in. Kalyani is shocked and she suspects that Das knows about her love for Anand.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, Kalyani goes to meet Anand. He tells her about his plans to let Akhilandeshwari know about their relationship and his wish to marry Kalyani. Anand gifts her a gold necklace and tells her that the necklace is also a part of his plan to let Akhila know about his love for Kalyani. As Kalyani goes to Thrichambarath the next day she is confronted by Vilasini, asking her the whereabouts of the Necklace. Vilasini, who is banned from ever speaking in front of Akhila again, is on a mission, to let Akhila know the truth, about Anand and Kalyani.  How will Das react to Kalyani’s secret? Will Anand’s gift, bring more despair into Kalyani’s life? 

Chembarathi revolves around the life of Kalyani, who goes works as a maid in Thrichambarath, a wealthy family, and falls in love with the matriarch’s son Anand. They must keep their relationship a secret from Akhilandeshwari and other characters. 

Comment on what you think will happen next in the next episode in the comments section below! 

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