Chembarathi 23 June 2020 Preview: Vilasini Joins Anand’s Discussion With Aravind

Tom Francis

June 23, 2020


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Previously on Chembarathi, Vilasini (Sreepadma) tells Ganga (Haritha Nair) that Nandana (Blessy Kurien) has changed and is now helping Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan). Vilasini says that they need to make Maheshwari leave Thrichambarath for their plans to work out. Later, Kalyani tells Anand (Stebin Jacob) that she is still unable to understand why someone would try to kill Das.

Watch the preview for today’s episode of Chembarathi here:

When Anand tries to console Kalyani, she tells him that she will kill herself if she is unable to marry him. Meanwhile, Maheshwari and Nandana approach Krishnan to talk to him about the partition. Krishnan gets angry when Maheshwari asks for Nandana’s share of properties after the partition. He tells her that the ancestral properties of Thrichambarath have never been partitioned in the past.

Maheshwari's requests angers Krishnan (source: ZEE5)
Maheshwari lashes out at Krishnan (Source: ZEE5)

Maheshwari lashes out at Krishnan and tells him that she is going to leave the house only after the partition. Ganga meets Anand to tell him to resolve their differences as their marriage is going to happen soon. Anand retorts by saying that he is not going to marry her and asks her to leave. Ganga yells at Anand by saying that she is not going to let him marry Kalyani and let them live in peace.

In today’s preview of Chembarathi, Anand tells Aravind that Nandana and Maheshwari are moving ahead with some calculated plans for Thrichambarath. The brothers get surprised when Vilasini barges into the room and agrees with Anand. Vilasini tells them that she suspects Nandana and Maheshwari have discussed the partition of properties with Krishnan. What will be Anand’s reaction? Watch today’s episode to find out!

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