Chembarathi 17 December 2019 Written Update: Akhila Finds Anand’s Sudden Call Suspicious.

Anand lies to Das when he interrupts Kalyani’s phone call.

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December 17, 2019


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Previously on Chembarathi, Nandana complains to Akhila about the incident regarding the facial mix. An infuriated Akhila scolds Kalyani for her irreverent attitude. She goes on to tell her about her place in Thrichambarath family and how she will stay a servant no matter what. Disturbed by Akhila’s harsh comments, Kalyani decides not to talk to Anand and switches her phone off.

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Anand gets frustrated by not getting her call and decides to starve himself. Subramanian tells Aravind about the situation and the latter goes to Kalyani’s house to check on her.  While talking to her about his brother, he learns about her adamant decision.

As Akhila gets ready to go to the temple, she asks Das about Kalyani. He tells her about how Aravind had earlier took her to meet Akhila. Confused by the events happening around her, she decides to call Aravind and ask him for an explanation. Learning from Aravind that Kalyani is sad, she goes out to find Kalyani talking to the flowers.

Kalyani talks to the flowers about how her decisions are affecting her love life. As she starts talking about her love for Anand, Akhila places her hand on Kalyani’s shoulder. The latter consoles her and talks about how she acknowledges her sacrifices for the family. Kalyani feels elated and decides to call Anand, but Akhila takes her to the temple along with Das.

In today’s episode, Kalyani calls Anand from Akhila’s phone in the temple when she leaves for her prayers. As soon as the call gets connected, Das approaches her and gives her the offerings to deposit in the temple. Kalyani quickly cuts the call and deletes the call history, so that Akhila won’t know. Confused as to why his mother is calling him, Anand calls back. This makes Akhila suspicious.  She checks her call history for an explanation, but fails to understand the events around her.

Aniyankuttan informs Kalyani about Anand’s calls on her phone as she gets back from the temple. While calling him back, Das interrupts her and asks her about the call. Kalyani replies that the call came for him, and hands him over the phone. Anand lies to Das about how his phone was unreachable and asks him to get a file to his office. Kalyani gets tensed as Aniyankuttan and Das keeps talking after dinner and waits patiently to call Anand. Kalyani talks to Anand after a long wait and asks him to have his food. The couple talk for long and discuss how they’re missing each other. What will Akhila’s reaction be when she finds the truth behind Anand’s sudden call?

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