Chembarathi 10 February 2020 Written Update: Kalyani Vows To Win The Competition

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani boldly declares that she will win the competition in front of her dad, which makes Anand extremely happy.


February 10, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode, Vilasini’s betrayal comes into the picture as Kalyani fails the test. Anand proves this to the exam controller by showing how the ink disappears after writing from the pen given by Vilasini to Kalyani. When Ganga tries to stop Anand from proving Kalyani’s innocence, he slaps her and asks her to leave. Since Kalyani was not at fault, the invigilator gives Kalyani a second chance and adds her name to the list.

Back home, when Akhila tries to convince Anand based on the false notion that Kalyani failed, Anand explains to her about the betrayal and his support, which infuriates her. To know the result, Vilasini and Ganga plan a pooja, which is later similarly suggested by Aniyankuttan to Kalyani.

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In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani is taking a vow that she will definitely win the competition. This infuriates her dad and when he is about to slap her, Anand stops him from doing so. Nandini calls her mother and admits that she now realizes whatever her mom told was completely true. To which her mom responds, she had predicted all of this quite before. She reminded her that, she did not marry her off looking at Aravind’s capabilities, but the wealth his family possessed. She sternly told her that, Anand should never go back to being the MD of Anand Group of Companies and reminded her how Nandini navigated his way through his tactics to Aravind’s mind and conducted the wedding.

Anand visits Subramanian’s house who is surprised by Anand’s enthusiasm and asks whether he hit Dasettan’s head. Because he did not see this happiness even when Kalyani wrote and passed the exam the second time. Anand tells him to hear him out patiently and describes the incident which happened the previous night, where Kalyani vowed that she would win the competition. Both express their happiness about it and Anand expresses his faith in her abilities to win the competition.

 When Anand steps out of the house and walks towards the outhouse, Ganga also walks out and wonders where is Anand heading to and follows him. Anand asks Kalyani whether Dasettan troubled her after he left her place the previous night. Finally, she admits that while she boldly vowed that she would win the competition, she feels scared at the moment. He consoles her and tells her she has nothing to fear about and the only thing required is self-confidence. She expresses her fear of dance and will be helpless if it is a part of the competition. Anand confirms that, over these years, dance has never been a part of this competition. Ganga lurking behind is relieved to know Kalyani’s weakness and decides to teach Kalyani a lesson. What will be Ganga’s plan?

Stay tuned to find out!

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