Chembarathi 10 February 2020 Preview: Subramanian Confronts Kalyani


February 10, 2020


3 min


Previously on Chembarathi, Vilasini’s betrayal comes into the picture as Kalyani fails the test. This is proven by Anand to the exam controller by showing how the ink disappears after writing from the pen given by Vilasini to Kalyani. When Ganga tries to stop Anand from proving Kalyani’s innocence, he slaps her and asks her to leave. Since Kalyani was not at fault, the invigilator gives Kalyani a second chance and adds her name to the list. Back home, when Akhila tries to convince Anand based on the false notion that Kalyani failed, Anand explains to her about the betrayal and his support, which infuriates her. To know the result, Vilasini and Ganga plan a pooja, and later Aniyankuttan suggests that Kalyani do something similar.

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