Chembarathi 09 July 2020 Preview: Vilasini Is Shocked To See Anand And Kalyani Together

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July 9, 2020


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Previously on Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Das (Yavanika Gopalakrishnan) tells Aniyankuttan and Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) that they have disrespected him by breaking the bangles. He tells Kalyani that she is breaking his heart by not agreeing to the marriage with Neeraj. Later at night, Das recalls Kurup’s visit and wonders why Sarada didn’t mention anything about the money. He figures out that he got tricked and gets worried about Kalyani’s savings.

Watch the preview for today’s episode of Malayalam serial Chembarathi, here:

At Thrichambarath, Vilasini conducts an arm-wrestling competition between Jayanthi and Ganga. As Ganga wins the competition, Vilasini starts mocking Jayanthi for losing. Jayanthi asks Vilasini to try and win with Ganga and starts their bout. Vilasini then challenges Kalyani her to arm-wrestle Ganga.

Kalyani accepts the challenge when the Vilasini tells her that she will have to obey whatever Ganga says if she loses the bout. As they start the match, Vilasini pokes Kalyani’s hand by using a screwdriver. Kalyani recalls of the moment when Ganga and Vilasini tried to kill Das and wins the bout. Kalyani notices her hand bleeding again and approaches Vilasini in anger.

Kalyani accepts the challenge (source:ZEE5)
Kalyani accepts the challenge (Source: ZEE5)

In today’s preview of Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Anand (Stebin Jacob) asks Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) to join him under the blanket as he tries to relieve himself from cold using steam. Vilasini and Jayanthi visit Anand’s room at the same time and find them under the blanket. They get shocked. What will happen next? Watch today’s episode of Chembarathi to find out!

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