Chembarathi 08 July 2020 Preview: Vilasini And Ganga Agree To Sreeni’s New Plan

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July 8, 2020


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Previously on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) and Anand (Stebin Jacob) are left sleepless as they think of a romantic life together. The next morning, Vilasini (Sreepadma) stops Stella from questioning her. Subramanian comes to Stella’s rescue and asks Vilasini to stop harassing people with her intimidating questions. He also asks her to remember her place in the family. Stella meets Sujatha in the kitchen and tells her the same.

Watch the preview for today’s episode of Chembarathi serial here:

Subru goes to visit Anand in his room and takes the pillow from his hand. Anand slaps him for taking the pillow and tells him about the pillow exchange between him and Kalyani. Subramanian leaves the room as Kalyani comes in with Anand’s coffee. She asks Anand to stop lazing around and returns to the kitchen as Sujatha calls her.  Sujatha tells Kalyani that Das is looking for her.

When Kalyani goes to her house, Das introduces her to Neeraj’s aunt. The lady introduces herself as Sarada and tells Kalyani that she came to give her blessings for the marriage with Neeraj. Kalyani gets disturbed when Sarada puts glass bangles on her hands as it is a custom in Tamil Nadu. As Sarada leaves, Kalyani runs outside to talk to her chembarathi flowers and complains to them about her fate.

Kalyani complains to her Chembarathi flowers (source:ZEE5)
Kalyani complains to her Chembarathi flowers (Source: ZEE5)

In today’s preview of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Vilasini and Ganga meet Sreeni to discuss a new plan against Kalyani. Vilasini tells him that she is willing to move ahead with the plan. Ganga tells Vilasini and Sreeni that if their strategy works out, it will mean the end of Kalyani forever. What is Sreeni’s new plan against Kalyani? Watch today’s episode of Chembarathi to find out!

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