Chembarathi 05 February 2020 Written Update: Kalyani Challenges Ganga

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Vilasini joins Ganga in her plan against Akhilandeshwari.

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February 5, 2020


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Previously on Chembarathi, Akhila believes Ganga’s lie about Anand gifting her a diamond ring and offering to take her out. Anand tells Kalyani about the incidents and both express their doubts about Ganga. Kalyani is suspicious that she is scheming against Thrichambarath and asks Anand why Akhila thought her to be a suitable match for him.

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Vilasini confronts Priyanka with her doubts on Ganga. The latter initially lies about the pictures Vilasini finds on her phone but reveals that Ganga is her sister. Vilasini is shocked to hear about Priyanka bribing Akhila’s trusted matchmaker to introduce Ganga into Thrichambarath.

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Vilasini continues her conversation with Priyanka about her sister Ganga. She asks the latter about how she managed to match Anand’s horoscope with Ganga’s to fool Akhila. She is elated when Priyanka tells her about making minor changes in Kalyani’s horoscope and presenting it to Guruji. Vilasini warns her of Anand’s suspicions and offers her help to defeat Kalyani in the preliminary exams.

Back in Thrichambarath, Kalyani confronts Ganga and asks her why she lied to Akhila and Krishnan. The latter starts demeaning her and calls her a servant. Ganga continues to ridicule Kalyani for being a part of the competition with her low education qualification. Kalyani gets infuriated by Ganga’s rude comments and tells her that she will win the competition and marry Anand.

Later at night, Kalyani is seen studying for the preliminary exams. Anand suggests she should not stay up so late and asks her to sleep. Kalyani tells him about how important the competition is for her and continues to study for the exams. He asks her to stay confident and helps her with the preparations.

The next day, Vilasini confronts Ganga as she is preparing for the preliminary exams. The latter asks her to leave the room as she finds her presence irritating. Vilasini is quick to ask her about Priyanka and notices Ganga getting scared. She tells her about her meeting with Priyanka and offers help to remove Kalyani out of the competition. Ganga is elated to have Vilasini by her side as the latter offers her a gold ring as a welcome gift to their combined plans against Akhilandeshwari.

As the family prepares to leave for the competition, Ganga asks Akhila for her blessings and touches her feet. Her antics to please Akhila irritate Anand and Kalyani. Will Kalyani be able to win the competition? Stay tuned to find out!

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