Check Out What The Cast Of Saajana Does On The Sets Of The Show!

These pictures give you an inside look in what really happens on the sets of the show.

Manjiri Shete

November 3, 2019


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One of our favourite Marathi serials Saajana never falls short of drama. While watching the episodes streaming on ZEE5, you will always be entertained seeing this love story of Rama and Pratap. But, their love story isn’t so straightforward since Rama and Pratap have new hurdles coming their way every week. However, amidst this, they both have become inseparable. Just like them, even the cast of Saajana is inseparable in real life. The actors don’t leave a moment to have fun with each other while shooting their scenes. On that note, let’s have a look!

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Pradnya Jawle-Edke, who essays Aaisaheb’s character, is always seen as a stern mother to Pratap and Teju in the show. However, in real life, the actress has learnt the funda to letting loose alongside her co-stars. We wonder if Aaisaheb’s onscreen husband Raosaheb will approve of this.

The cast of Saajana
Source: Pradnya Jawle-Edke’s Instagram.

Seeing Suman smile is a rare sight since in Saajana we have always witnessed her plotting against Rama. Speaking of which, we wonder why Rama was missing from this picture. Were she and Pratap have their secret meeting when this photo session happened?

The cast of Saajana
Source: Pradnya Jawle-Edke’s Instagram.

Finally, Hari, the real culprit who caused trouble to Raosaheb’s family is being punished for his deeds. We have hated Hari when tried to break Rama and Pratap apart by revealing their secret. Now, we are laughing seeing the pretentious rage in Sarla and Manju’s eyes.

The cast of Saajana
Source: Pradnya Jawle-Edke’s Instagram.

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