Check Out This Throwback Photo From Actor Gourab Chatterjee’s School Days

The Bengali actor who plays Mathur Babu in the serial Rani Rashmoni has just posted a photo with his friends from his childhood. See it here.


April 23, 2020


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In the hit Bengali TV serial Rani Rashmoni, actor Gourab Chatterjee portrays the character of Mathur Babu phenomenally, for which he has gained a large fan following. The actor, who has also starred in the ZEE5 Original film Bhalobashar Shohor – Kolkatar Kobitara, recently posted a picture on his social media page, which goes back to his school days.

Watch the first episode of Rani Rashmoni here:

This photo, harking all the way back to Gourab’s days in boarding school in St Paul’s Darjeeling, is priceless! As the Coronavirus lockdown has got all of us staying at home for a prolonged period of time, it has been quite common for us to delve into memories from the past, and much to our delight, it has been no different for Gourab. Seen with two of his school mates, he has written, “Back to boarding school.. @abhishekchettriphotography and @jeminmdr seemed to have an attitude problem then.. #stpaulsdarjeeling #paulites #school #reminiscingmemories Thank you for this gold @jeminmdr”.

Indeed, this sepia-hued photograph gives us a rare insight into Gourab’s life in his childhood, and is quite a gem! He seems to be charged up with energy, while his two other friends are posing with an air he has described as “attitude”– making for a most hilarious outcome. This throwback photo was retrieved by one of the friends in the picture, and fuels a whole session of nostalgic reminiscing about the past. We think that Gourab still looks practically the same apart from the new facial hair and an extra fit physique.

What do you think of Gourab’s fun photo from the past? Let us know in the comment section below.

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