Check Out These Photos Of London From The Talented Pendulum Star Radhika Apte


May 26, 2020


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Regent’s Park


Radhika Apte, the prolific actor who has appeared in a vast array of series and films including the Bengali movies Roopkotha Noy and Pendulum, had gone to London for a shoot before the Coronavirus pandemic suddenly spiked, and she has not been able to return yet. We got you some photos that she has shared with us on her social media page, right here.

Radhika has been isolating herself at her home in London. This is a picture of her enjoying a sunny day in the famous Regent Park in the city, after the lockdown was lifted. She came here on her bicycle, and looks very happy with the development! Watch her in the Bengali film Pendulum below:


Ducks By A Lake


Radhika has definitely been enjoying all the natural beauty in London! Here, she is by a lake in the city which is abundantly green and sprawling. Take a look at these ducks contemplating whether they are in the mood for a dip or not.

The Wondrous Woods


Taken during the lockdown, Radhika felt incredibly fortunate to be able to experience the beauty of nature all by herself in these gorgeous woods in her neighbourhood. Just see how beautiful they look with the tall green trees and a carpet of blossoming bluebells! Radhika sometimes enjoys a quiet walk here in nature’s blissful lap.

Winter Wonderland


This photo was taken last Christmas, when Radhika was in London. She says that enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, wandering around the streets, visiting the iconic monuments, and shopping her heart out made her holiday a priceless adventure. Isn’t that super cool?

Misty Mornings


Another photo taken last winter, this is a place in London where Radhika would often take a stroll in the chilly mornings. Look at how misty it is, and yet how charming! Stretching for miles and miles ahead, these hilly green fields are truly gorgeous.

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