Check Out 5 Super Cool Designs If You Want To Get Inked Like Sembaruthi’s Purushothaman

May 24, 2019


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1. The Flower Of Fondness

 Every individual has a distinct set belief system, and everyone is entitled to create an identity for oneself. Tattoos is something unique through which one can establish their individuality. Sanjay Kumar Asrani who is famous for playing Purushothaman, in  Sembaruthi that streams on ZEE5, had two tattoos imprinted on his arm.

Watch Purushothaman as he brings about a change in the plot of the show Sembaruthi with his own distinct identity.

Now, this created a stir amongst the followers of the actor, with many people asking about the tattoo designs and enquiring about its relevance. So, if you are in search of a new tattoo design or are looking for a concept to start with your tattoo journey, here are five tattoo designs that you could opt for.

If you are a person who likes floral designs and likes to indulge in something simple yet perfect then this could be your design. This is something which you can opt to have tattooed along the length of your arms or simply make it small and impose it on your wrists.

2. The Impact Of Infinity

If you have seen those infinity tattoos then you would also know that the infinity symbol has its origin the ancient Egyptian myth of Ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail. So, if you have plans to imprint yourself with the concept of infinity and yet you want to be a bit mythical then here’s a design that you could consider, as this symbol also is believed to depict continuity of life and wholeness.

3. Search For Perfection

If you want something sharp with perfect features and designs to be depicted in your tattoo then you could find inspiration in something like the below-shown design, which makes use of perfect geometric designs to create a pattern.

4. Deeper Meanings

Another simple yet meaningful set of tattoos that you could look for to find inspiration is the Unalome designs. These sacred geometric designs are believed to incorporate Buddhist psalms and magical formulas to invoke various elements and powers.

5. Leave That Print

A popular and interesting design that you could make use to create a very personal tattoo design is the fingerprint designs. This gives your tattoo a very intimate touch and also allows you to create space for your loved ones not just in your mind but also on your body.

Do you have any more interesting designs to add to the list? Do post in the comments below!

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