Chaarulatha Broke The Monotony Of My Roles: Apoorva Arora On Working In Mugulu Nage

Parinika Uchil

May 16, 2019


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Directed by the talented Yogaraj Bhat, Mugulu Nage is the third collaboration between him and Namma Golden Star Ganesh. The movie takes us through the journey of Pulkesh (played by Ganesh), a man who can’t cry even if he wants to. Furthermore, Pulkesh has four love interests in the film, played by Ashika Rangnath, Nikitha Narayan and Apoorva Arora as Vaishali, Siri and Chaarulatha, respectively. The fourth love interest is none other than Namma Amulya, but sadly she appears only in a cameo.  

To watch Apoorva’s natural talent for acting, watch the movie here:

Out of these experienced actresses, Apoorva Arora deserves the most credit for two main reasons. First, she is the youngest of the lot. During the picturisation of the film, she was just 21! Secondly, having more experience in the Hindi film industry, the language of Kannada was kind of a barrier to her. So how did this young lady overcome her teen image onscreen to morph herself into the character of Chaarulatha? 

For starters, in an interview with a leading daily, the young actress expressed her excitement about doing a film with the Golden Star coupled with such a brilliant director. She said, “I met Yogaraj sir four years ago at an audition and he somehow remembered me and got in touch with me for this film. When I heard that Yogaraj sir and Ganesh were doing a film together, I just couldn’t say no to the offer.”

Ganesh And Apoorva Arora In A Still From The Film
Ganesh And Apoorva Arora In A Still From The Film

To play the character of Chaarulatha, however, she claims to have dug deeper to really understand her role. Before, her cuteness always landed her in bubbly roles. So portraying a character that broke stereotypes about patriarchal society, brought a change in the monotony of roles.

Following this, came the obstacle of dubbing her dialogues. Since she had worked twice before in the Kannada film industry, Apoorva was already confident about her vernacular skills and surprisingly didn’t need a tutor. However, in the interview, she mentioned the real challenge of playing this role. “It was a bit of a challenge, since the Kannada my character speaks is not the regular Kannada that is spoken in the city. Charulatha is from Mangaluru, so I had to get the accent and pronunciation right,” she said.

Apoorva Arora In A Still From The Film
Apoorva Arora In A Still From The Film

In the film, Chaarulatha’s character is that of a strong-willed woman, who does anything in her power to take care of her family, including farming. She is a high-spirited woman and will speak up if she sees wrong in front of her. A few aspects of humour are also a part of her personality which I liked best. With the amount of appreciation and increase in fan-following, we honestly feel that this young talent is all set to top the popularity charts in the Kannada film industry.

Are you a fan of Apoorva Arora? Let us know which scene of hers was the best according to you in the space below! 

Do you too have extra love for this cute actress? Her cameo in Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is worth the watch.

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