Celebration Time! Vaidehi And Manas’ Phulpakhru Completes 700 Episodes

Manjiri Shete

July 30, 2019


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The journey of Zee Yuva’s Phulpakhru has been nothing short of fantastic. While being our most favourite love story, Phulpakhru taught us the importance of family and friendships. Living a generation of dating applications and short-lived romances, we saw Manas and Vaidehi’s love for each other grow with each milestone in Phulpakhru. They showed us that if something/someone is worth it, you ought to fight for it. Now, as Phulpakhru completes 700 episodes, we are taking a much-required bow for this show.

Watch the latest episode of Phulpakhru below:

While us, the 20-somethings, are struggling with career and relationship, watching Phulpakhru has been a respite from it all. The director, Mandar Devasthali, took us on Manas and Vaidehi’s journey which began from their college time. Finishing over 2 years successfully, this journey has turned into something so phenomenal that it’s hard to go by without watching Phulpakhru. All the situations in the show have been ever so relatable that we understand what our favourite characters must be going through. Recently, Sameer and Tanya’s harsh breakup reminds of what it feels like to lose a person whom you thought was your soulmate. Then, Atya’s divorce shows us the pain of separation. They are some of the few.

Vaidehi and Manas in romantic mood
Source: ZEE5

The best part is that at every curve, we saw a new side of our favourite characters. It is not seen in many serials where the director motivated the actor to sing and show their other talents. But, then again, Phulpakhru isn’t like any other show. As the serial proceeds further, we can’t wait to see the surprises that are in store for us!

On that note, we would love to know how has your experience watching the show!

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