Catch These Stills From The Karan-Mahira Wedding Ceremony That Are Full Of Surprises

Kenneth Carneiro

July 13, 2020


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In the Lockdown ke Kisse episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Mahira is excited for her wedding with Karan to begin. Preeta and Karan both miss each other but don’t want to speak to the each other because they are angry. Meanwhile, Prithvi is plotting revenge on Karan and Rishabh that same day. Preeta sees Rishabh getting kidnapped and decides to save him.

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The wedding preparations begin in the Luthra House


Karan’s mother Rakhi is seen along with Mahira’s mother, Ramona, Sherlyn’s mother, Sanjana and Kareena Bua waiting for the wedding preparations to be complete. However, they don’t know what new problems are set to hit them.

Mahira overhears Kareena and Rakhi


Kareena and Rakhi get worried when Rishabh doesn’t return home for a long time. They try to call him up but he doesn’t answer any calls. They don’t want to start the wedding until Rishabh returns which is what worries Mahira. She cannot wait to marry Karan now.

Sameer finds out about Rishabh’s kidnapping


Srishti calls up Preeta and finds out that Rishabh is kidnapped and kept in a hotel room. Srishti calls up Sameer to tell him about Rishabh’s kidnapping. Karan answers the call and decides to help Preeta in saving Rishabh, leaving his house on his wedding day.

Prithvi Kidnaps Karan as well


Prithvi calls his kidnappers and finds out that Karan is also made unconscious along with Rishabh. He decides to go the hotel himself when the inform him a girl has been kidnapped too.

Karan and Preeta are locked up in the same room


Karan and Preeta are both made unconscious and tied up in the same room together by the kidnappers.

Preeta, Prithvi and Karan get into an argument


When Karan and Preeta wake up they immediately get into one of the usual love-hate arguments. Prithvi fears that Karan and Preeta will fall for each other again so he interrupts them and decides to free Preeta.

Karan and Preeta get close


After Preeta is released by the kidnappers she still talks to Karan instead of leaving. In classic Karan-Preeta style, she falls in his arms. Will Karan and Preeta fall in love? Will they find out Prithvi is the kidnapper? Why is Prithvi trying to get revenge on the Luthra family? Find out all this and more in the upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya.

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