BTS: Ladies Of Muddha Mandaram Head Out For Lunch And The Pictures Are As Good As Memes

Sneha Bale

September 4, 2019


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The Camaraderie


The popular and long-running Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram has been entertaining us for almost five years now. A leap and many differences later, one thing has remained the same — and that is our love for the show. Whilst they fight it out and are deep in conflicts in the popular Telugu serial, the ladies of Muddha Mandaram share a deep camaraderie. This selfie here proves it, doesn’t it?

Soundarya, Chandrika, Chaitra, Bhavani and Akhilandeswari herself took a break from the sets and visited a restaurant for a chilled out luncheon. Check out the pictures.



One phenomenon that has taken over the millennials and the Gen Z is MEMES! Muddha Mandaram‘s leading lady, Thanuja Gowda, a.k.a. Soundarya, is no different. She shared a few pictures from their lunch party on a photo-sharing app and made memes out of them all. Here, sharing Chaitra’s picture, she captioned it: “Paapam food yeppudu pedthara ani wait chesthundi” (Poor girl is waiting for the moment they will serve food.)

More Memes


As Soundarya shared a picture of her on-screen BFF Chandrika, she wrote: “Nakenti thakuva petaru plate lo ani alochistondi” (Why did they serve so little to me, she is wondering) We’re sure the goofy Soundarya got out to add humour on the lunch table.

Roasting Session?


In the TV show, there have been times when Soundarya has roasted Bhavani, brutally. It seems their luncheon was no different. Thanuja shared a picture of Akhilandeswari, a.k.a. Haritha as she grins wide. But instead, the  mischievous Thanuja’s attention was on Bhavani, a.k.a. Bhavana Reddy. She captioned it: “Harithamma photo pose isthunte Bhavana Garu abba baagaa akali esthondi randi Harithagaruuuu” (As Haritha amma poses for the photo, Bhavana garu is thinking, “oh! I’m too hungry, come back Haritha garu“).

That’s all for now until their next off-screen get together. Stay tuned for the latest episodes and more stories on Muddha Mandaram. Also check out Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

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