Brother Of Bommali Jukebox: Move Over Stand-Up Comedy, Treat Yourself To Musical Comedy

Sneha Bale

September 14, 2019


1 min

Ponytail Pori


Allari Naresh and Kartika Nair-starrer Brother Of Bommali may have released in 2013 but it manages to entertain us each time. From the first scene to the last, it packs in comedy along with other emotions that come and go. Its music is no different. The songs entertain you with some giggles and some LOLs.

The first music piece on our list is Ponytail Pori. The next time one tells us to avoid ponytails because they’re out of fashion, we will roar and rawr, like Lucky in the film. With lyrics that many girls will find relatable (and hilarious), it’s a great pick-me-up track.

Jeans Vesukunna


Just like women love songs dedicated to them, men do too. And if you have been trying to find a song that would make your special someone feel all the more special, this track is  ideal. Jeans Vesukunna might seem funny at first. But hey, funny and cute is the best combination one can get.

I Love You Ante


This one is for all the retro-lovers and the melodramatic folks. Not only Allari Naresh and Monal Gujjar’s acting but the song itself, too, is full of gimmicky ups and downs that will make you sit back and enjoy a good enough.

Boom Boom Shaka Laka


Make your dance party the most LIT with the song Boom Boom Shaka Laka. As Kartika lip-syncs to the lyrics, “Lady James Bond nene”, ladies, let your inner boss lady take over the party. As for men, Boom Boom Shaka Laka, this girl is pichha keka, sing along and hype up your favourite rockstars in the party.

Tu Hi Mera


The song Tu Hi Mera in the film comes towards the end. And in all honesty, it sums up our love for the three-hour entertainer that Brother of Bommali is. Tu hi mera, main hu tera. Pyaar tera, paagal chesesade. Don’t you agree?

That’s all from this laugh-riot. Check out Vijay Devarakonda in comedy-thriller Taxiwaala on ZEE5.

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