Bring The Old School Flavours On Your Plate With Chef Sanjay’s Vankaya Ghee Roast Pulav

Sneha Bale

June 29, 2020


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Chef Sanjay Thumma is here to save you on one of those lazy days. You may not want to cook, but the desire to eat something delicious is persistent. So, try this simple and easy recipe. It will take you back to the good old days and also has a new kick of coconut to it.

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To make this quick and sumptuous meal, start by making the podi or the powder for the brinjals. Take a shallow pan and add some peanuts, black peppercorns, cloves and coriander seeds. Dry roast them for a few minutes.

Add some cumin and tamarind when you start sensing the aroma. After stirring it for a few seconds, add dried red chillies for the smoked and spicy flavour. Continue dry roasting everything for a couple of minutes and then, add your preferred sesame seeds.

A few seconds later, shift everything from the pan to a plate. Use the same pan on medium flame again, and add coconut shred to it. You have to dry roast it as well until the coconut starts to turn brownish-red. When done, take it out on the same plate.

Allow the dry roasted ingredients to cool down. In the meantime, prepare brinjals. Start by washing them through and removing the heads, if you wish to. Slice them vertically into thin pieces and keep it aside.


Sanjay Thumma
Chef Sanjay Thumma (Source: ZEE5)

Now, take your grinder and transfer the dry roasted ingredients into it. Grind it coarsely and set it aside for later use. Now, take the same pan and add a generous dollop of ghee in it. Add a pinch of salt mint leaves, coriander leaves, and the sliced brinjals.

Allow everything to fry together and the ghee to soak into brinjal slices entirely. That’s when you add the coarse powder or the podi. Give it a few minutes and the mixture should start sticking to the slices.

While that happens, take a deep pan and bring the water to boil, add a small amount of oil and salt to it. When it starts boiling, add the soaked rice and cook it until its a few minutes away from being completely done.

Now, add the rice to the pan with brinjals and cover it with lid for a few more minutes. This allows the rice to cook thoroughly and avoid breakage. Give it a good mix and enjoy the dish.

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