Bossy Mr Rao Or Assistant Manikyam, Who Is Your Favourite Sailaja Reddy Alludu Character?

Sneha Bale

July 29, 2019


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Murli Sharma As The Egoistic Mr Rao


What’s better than have an interesting lead pair, is having interesting supporting characters. And Naga Chaitanya and Anu Emmanuel’s Sailaja Reddy Alludu just happens to have an amazing ensemble cast. Let’s take a look at who your favourite character is.

First, meet Mr Rao. An arrogant man who leaves no opportunity to brag about himself and his achievements. You need to be of a certain class and status to be able to close around him. Rituals that need him to bend the knee, must better be changed or called off entirely.

Vennela Kishore As The Helpful Assistant Chary


Chary is always around his boss and never says no, no matter how difficult or scary the task may look. In fact, he is so helpful that he finds ways to help his boss win the girl of his dreams.

Kalyani Natarjan As The Supportive Wife


Mr Rao is always so arrogant because never he runs out of an ego-booster. When one has a wife like Kalyani, who appreciates everything that her husband does and finds good in each of his moves, how can anyone run out of an ego-boost? Also, it’s her innocence and naivety that makes her really, really cute.

Madhunandan As The Lover Boy


This lover boy meets Mr Rao’s daughter during the pelli chupulu and falls for her. Weirdly so, his daughter falls for him too. But since Mr Rao does not agree to the wedding, they have to go separate ways. But! His love is too strong to let go, just like it. He continues to stay in touch, keeps her happy and does what’s required to make the wedding happen.

Ramya Krishnan As The Scary Mother, Sailaja


The titular character has to be strong and Sailaja Reddy is the definition of strong and powerful. She can throw men away like plastic bags and scare people with one look. Those big bold eyes, yes! Sailaja makes the complete use of it.

Naresh As The Loving Husband


Just like Mr Rao’s Kalyani, Sailaja Reddy too has a man that balances her out. He is the man who pours love into each of his sentences and stands for world peace. But his wife stands for destruction.

Prudhvi Raj As The Helpless Mediator Manikyam


Unlike Chary, Manikyam has very little to do or to say. He is better known as the mediator (between Sailaja and her daughter Anu), who cannot help their situation. Neither can he help himself to get out of their mess. Yet every day he comes back to work with a smile on his face and with a hope that things will be better.

Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. For more entertainment, check out Brahmotsavam on ZEE5.

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