Boomerang Sends Out An Important Message About Going Back To Indian Roots

We as Indian do tend to forget about the rich resources and opportunities that we have and go after things which are not permanent.

July 3, 2019


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Boomerang that is now streaming on ZEE5 could be termed as a social thriller. The reasons for this is very well evident if you were to watch the movie. The start of the movie gives you a sense that it would be a typical romantic thriller, with bits and pieces of modern technology and science in the backdrop. But the subtle changes happen in the life of Siva, a part played by Athravaa, drops us a hint that soon this love between Siva and Gee Gee, a role played by Megha Akash, is going to change. And so it happens.

Watch the social issues tackled in the movie Boomerang.

Now, the movie makes an attempt to highlight different social evils in a short span of time but what it put up on a pedestal and keeps authentic is the issue of corruption and the encroachment of farmlands. This issue in a country like India, which still has an agrarian inclination is pretty serious. And one has to say that the movie deals with it quite seriously. But what sets the tone of this movie apart from other movies which depict social evils is the fact that it provides us with a solid resolution.

In the movie, we see how Shakti and his friends are sacked from their jobs because of their interest in rural development plans. They try to promote the same while working in a corporate that strictly despises such social changes. It is after this incident that they think of the option of going back to their village and returning back to the traditional way of living i.e. farming. This here is an important shift that happens in the story which changes the lives of Shakti and thus Siva. But this is also an important message that this scene holds. And it is of going back to your roots to live that independent and honourable life.

From this point, the movie focuses on the fact that we as Indians tend to forget about the rich resources and opportunities that we have and go after things which are not permanent. It also, narrates how a social issue can be dealt with persistence and determination from the masses.

So, what do you think about this issue? Is it really good to return to our roots? Share your thoughts in the section below.

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