Birthday Special: Reshma Reya Teaches Us 5 Important Things With Poove Poochoodava

April 26, 2019


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Reshma Muralidaran or Reshma Reya, as we better know her, is an actress who has a created a buzz with her cheerful spirit and bubbly smile. Also, her role as Shakti in the ZEE5 series Poove Poochoodava is something that has left a mark on the minds of the viewers to such an extent that most of the viewers today know her by her character name rather than the actual name. Now, it is also an important fact that the manner in which Reshma portrays the character of Shakti, she makes it honest and believable.

Watch Shakti as she braves through her problems in the series Poove Poochoodava.

Apart from being a bubbly character, there are other things that make Shakti’s character stand out. And there are things that we should learn from her. So, on her birthday here are five positive things that you could learn from her.

1. Smile and life becomes worthwhile

Smiling is something important but smiling at the right time is even more important. Shakti in the show is someone who smiles even at the face of her problems. She tries to find happiness in small things and makes it an event to smile on.

2. Think and you might just gain an insight!

Shakti is someone who is not just a strong character but she is also a wise character. She is smart enough to tackle issues that Shiva’s step-mother creates for her. Thus she always thinks before she reacts and this makes her invulnerable.

3. Positivity is an idea

Shakti is like any one of us, she has issues in her family, she has to face challenges in her relationship with her husband but what makes her distinct from the other is the fact that she has a positive attitude which makes her immune to hardships.

4. Hope is everything 

Like they have always said ‘Hope makes the world go round’, it is essential to have hope. And Reshma teaches us this important lesson through her character, Shakti, who never ceases to hope. Thus, even when Shiva fights with her and asks her to step out of his life, she makes attempts to change him.

5. Relationships are what make us

Relationships are something that is very essential for our happiness and it is also something that we all take for granted and exploit it. But Shakti teaches us the value of maintaining relationships. So, even when different people hurt her, she forgives them.

So, take inspiration from Shakti and try to be like her. Also, don’t forget to send your wishes in the comments below!

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